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Take my money and publish my book!

Back with another Indian-Publishing-Scene post, if you’ve not read my Indian authors and book marketing post, please do!

Why this post? Because I hear a lot of issues between the publisher-author duo these days. To mention a few complaints:

  • The publisher won’t give the author royalty for the first 1000 copies.
  • The publisher asked to sign an agreement to buy 200 copies of your book.
  • The publisher has increased the MRP and is not ready to reduce which affects the book sales.
  • My book is out of stock, and my publisher refused to reprint.
  • My publisher is not sending my books to any bookstore.
  • I spent XXXXX on publishing my book, you know it’s my baby, but, I didn’t get any returns.
    dollar-sign-bookHaving published a book already, and having gone through the ups and downs of the publishing industry in a short span. I thought this had to be said.
    Dear Author, you’re facing these issues because of YOU. It was you who wanted to publish the book right away. It was your choice to go with a publisher whose vision is to make money than to produce quality literature.
    Gone are the days when writers had to send hard copies of their novel to a publisher, wait for their reply for a year and then send to another post rejection. There were authors who took years to get published, who worked hard on knitting their stories, editing it thoroughly and wanted to publish it for the love of literature. But, are we the same? We want fame. We want a book release every year, no matter what the story is, no matter how poor the paper quality is, no matter how bad the language is, no matter who reads it and what reviews we receive because money does it all. All it takes is 10,000 INR to get ten 5-star reviews right? You know reviewers who don’t read but post reviews. All it takes is just 25,000 INR to market your book on all Facebook groups, right?
    Vanity Publishing /Self-publishing platforms (Not all) have dragged and pulled the Indian literature down, but, why care? All we need is the author tag? Throw a few thousands and get published. No, am not blaming all, but at least 3/10 do this, as I acquainted almost 500+ authors and am a part of groups with 10,000+ writers all over India.
    Ask yourself. Do you see authors who published via the publishing houses that fall under the creamy categories complain? including those who self-publish/kindle publish as per their choice. Do you see them struggling hard to establish/market their books? As far as I know, not really, at least when compared to us – those who paid to get published.
    I can’t stop you from doing what you want my dear author, but, if I can give you a small advice – research about the quality of Indian literature and the books that are available. Understand where you are, work on your story, plot, language, grammar, diction, sentence structure, etc.. Hire a good editor and give the best possible manuscript to the right publishers who are passionate about publishing good books. Wait, even if it takes years. Choose your book reviewers right. Don’t send it to every tom, dick, and Harry, please! The best type of marketing is the word of mouth. And, that would eventually happen. If not now, sooner or later.
    I indeed published via a self-publishing platform; I learned a few lessons and now, am working hard to correct the mistakes and do well with my next release. I don’t deny the fact that there are good vanity published books and there are traditionally published bad books as well. But, the equation and weightage when thought through makes a difference.
    If this post helps to change even any one of the readers’ mindset – I’d be more than happy, else, I’d still be happy because I feel better when I blog.
    P.S — This post is not for anyone in particular, because, I have the habit of dealing it in person. This is a very common post addressing the most common issues of authors-publishers duo.
    Done ranting!
    Kavipriya Moorthy

S for Self-publishing #AtoZChallenge

Firstly, get this clear. There are companies that ask money upfront (25k to 3lacs) to publish your book and call themselves the “Self Publishing Company” – it is actually, vanity publishing! They layer the company with this fancy term to save themselves from getting burnt and use the naive nature of first time writers to make money! Vanity is different from self-publishing, self-publishing is when you do every little thing for your book by yourself or pay someone to do the same (Time=Money), period!
Any consultant (?) that fancily calls you and says “we offer 20% discount on publishing packages” – DUDE RUN AWAY! Anything on web that reads “Select your package” – CLOSE THAT TAB ON YOUR FIREFOX, those “guided publishing plans” are sheet CRAP! – “We publish your books in any size and format,” they would claim – say NO THANKS!
  • You had an idea and spent months on it, made it to a decent 25k to a lakh word book
  • You employed a beta reader or an editor, proof read – and it is all set to go to print
Self-publishing: (EBook)
  1. kdp.amazon.com
  2. Sign up and create a kindle publishing account
  3. Title, other details of the book necessary, book category, cover (Design it by self or ask a designer, it must cost less than 5000 INR) – ensure you already have the ePub version (get it done at smashwords.com)
  4. The tax information might be confusing; it is actually nothing in India. Just punch in your PAN number when it asks for an ID and your bank details where you get royalty ( you get 23 INR for every book sold if it is priced less than a dollar)
  5. In a few hours or maximum one day, your book will be up on amazon kindle
  6. Market the book – sell it!
  7. I don’t recommend it and I don’t do it, and I will NEVER do it – but you can suffix or prefix your name on Facebook with the ‘Author’ tag! J No offense to the existing! I respect their choice!
I want my name on print – on books – I want DP with my book in hand – yes! You can my bunny writer. You can.
  1. Get your book a roll number i.e ISBN
  2. Find a printing company – 1000 copies must cost you around 36,000 INR to 45,000 INR or if you think you know how many copies you are most likely to sell, the cost would increase. More you print – lesser the price
  3. Amazon and Flipkart – you can distribute following the guidelines on their website
  4. Find distributors and aggregators who will place your book in book stores for a cost
If you don’t know a printer or find it costly, www.pothi.com has options to print on demand – I STRONGLY PERSONALLY RECOMMEND