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Love, Again by Sumeetha and Shrruti

Received this book on behalf of the book club in exchange for an honest review.
First Impression – The blurb of the book was intriguing as it spoke about the decisions one makes in life. A double header book with two stories – one by sumeetha titled “These lines of Mehendi” and another by Shrruti titled “A tulip in the desert” I fell in the love with the titles immediately. Though the cover didn’t impress much, the stories did leap my expectation of just another love story to the one much more about reality and life. I should say that the book did live up to the expectations.
Overall Impression – “These lines of Mehendi” – starts off at a funeral and takes us to the life of Lalitha. The pain of a woman who wants to live her life on her own terms after surviving the trauma. It sure takes a lot to fall in love for the second time with someone who also had a previous hit in life, the pain is brought out beautifully. To get married for the second time where reasons are different than seeking solace with each other, is detailed well. A sure shot story which tears the mask of “Happily ever after”
“A tulip in the desert” – beautiful is an understatement. A common love for Egyptology is something totally new and the author has explored well with more of just love. It has elements of mystery, historical elements, adventure, etc..
Overall a very nice read!
What I loved about the book – 1) Stories beyond just love and happily ever after 2) Core element of the stories 3) Language – lucid and simple
Frown factors – 1) Editing could have been better 2) Diction was a let down, could have been much better 3) Pacing issues – slow at a few areas
Rating – 3/5