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A dog eat dog-food world

A title so catchy and cover so intriguing that says upfront it is not just another book. A novella of 95 odd pages that would take not more than an hour to read, that talks a lot about the marketing management. Suresh – an author famous for his humor peppered blog, well, what can you expect from him? A hilarious take on the marketing management!


My take on the book:
The prologue is super interesting – it surmises the concept “Out-of-the-box” literally! It makes you think. That ting moment!
Now that the prologue makes you read and just scroll, scroll, and scroll (because I got the eBook from the book club) – tadaa! I finished the book in one go!
For a person like me who struggled and sailed 5 years in IT, where a part of my job description pushed me into pre-sales, marketing, et al. This novella just made me feel so good about quitting that job! Thank you Suresh! *bowing*
Best part of the book is the vocabulary and diction – Mind boggling! Every chapter just transcends to about the business and the characters are just bang on, the way their situations are woven is hilarious. It just fits any business for that matter, it makes one say “Oh! Yeah
Author Suresh has a very unique style, and it suits the satire really well. It is not just pseudo history and marketing management, but there are quotes on life as such which makes you introspect and save it for life.
What I loved in this book?
  • Choice of genre
  • The subject dealt
  • Diction
Rating: 4/5