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Unrequited Love?

Unrequited Love – To see someone with eyes brimming with love but realizing that the other doesn’t get the message. To that longing that we hold to hug the other tight, kiss their soul and pour our hearts to let them know how much you mean to them but that’s something we can never do. The pain, the disappointment and that-something which is heavy on the chest.
To love and to be loved is what we were taught, and life has also in-its-own-ways taught us to admire, fall in love with the other day by day and yet, to stay away when they don’t reciprocate.
Whenever you look at the person, you would feel like you’re given an extra pair of eyes with chocolatey-love to look at them. You just know how chiseled their features are – maybe, those cute eyes which shrink when the other laughs. The small smile that flips your heart. That beard of his or the light-burgundy colored hair of hers that shines. That moment is a bit confusing – you know you’ve fallen and you start admiring, at the same time like a ‘satan’ you are also reminded that the other is not in love with you, they don’t admire you the same way you do, they won’t like it if you say they look  smart or beautiful. Holding you back, stopping you from doing what you’re doing, and yet, you continue – Oh! God! Those eyes right?
Do we have another heart or what? Or, maybe an instrument inside, the rhythmic heartbeat when that special person is around. That flirty smile cum grin on your face – God, priceless!
You don’t know what they’d tell if you approach, you don’t want to spoil the friendly-lovely talks that are on, you don’t want to be ‘that-annoying-person’ of their life either. You choose to stay steps away and stop to leave them undisturbed but damn little-did-they know how affected you are!
You’re head over heels already; you can’t throw them off your mind – what is that a piece of paper to throw in a bin? How do we demand our heart to not-to-think of THAT special person? For, you’ve thought of that person whenever your favorite songs play, you always had fancy dreams with them. To not-to-be with the only person whom you want to wake up with, just doesn’t know and is already busy with life and their priority. Hurts. Hurts with a capital H there!
But, hey! Let’s hold on and cherish these moments. See, you at least know how capable is love and how capable are you to love someone. I can only think of one thing if you love a person who doesn’t reciprocate – the love-shower that’s awaiting from THE person is going to be amazing. Love has no limits, and ensure you love yourself enough to pick yourself up and walk. Enjoy the little-somethings of your life and carry on. The right person is stuck somewhere. More love to you! 🙂