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Diction in Fiction #AtoZChallenge

Diction – choice of words! Yes, so this post is all about choosing the right words. Most of the Indian authors lack here, especially when they try to write erotica or something that has to be said with a different tone and a set of words. There are books that had the worst lines because of their wrong choice of words, and there are books that are extremely good just because the author choose the right words to express.
Diction is not about fidgeting the synonyms or checking thesaurus, sometimes it is the innate quality.


Let’s take an example of a sentence from a novel that had poor diction, am not naming the book here, even if you make out, please don’t comment on that.
P.S: Adult Content
Example of poor diction:
                “I continued to squeeze and occasionally lick the best organ of her body”
“Then removed her black panty, revealing the slightly hairy organ between her legs”
Are you screwing your face already? Yes! Any would actually do. It was pathetic to read a normal romance genre with words that make it not so good to read
Example of good diction:
“The familiar throb between the crest of her thighs was deep-seated and gaining momentum.”
“Her breathing was no more than a shallow pant as he negotiated his fingers between her slick folds into her velvety entrance. Eliza’s head tipped back into the metal door and her eyes fell shut”
The above is from an erotica genre, where explicit content and usage of frank language is pretty much allowed. Yet, the usage of words are not cringe worthy. This is the power of diction!
There are books with complex stories with great storyline and tight plot, but failed miserably due to the diction. There are books that with the simplest storyline, but with extremely good diction that would just take the level of the book to a different level. On par with excellence.
To improve diction:
  • Read international books
  • Pick and choose Indian authors who write better in your own genre, this will help you to evaluate yourself and better your writing
  • Note down good choice of words, lines, sentences and quotes in a notebook or an app on your smart phone
  • Pick a few words from your current read and try to use those words in a small piece of creative writing every day
Tighten your language for better, try to use less count of words. This is not possible with your first draft but it is with the second. Write thick, edit lean – is the most powerful mantra.
Diction is not just a choice of word you choose to express something, but it also conveys your feelings toward the literary work.
Diction is one of the major filters to pick out good writing from the lot, firstly, it is important to use the right word that accurately matches the emotions and meaning that are to be conveyed. It should be used in a proper context and it is better to choose words that go easy on all types of readers.