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First love matters…so does the Second – Book Review

First love matters so does the Second is Vishal Sha’s debut novel. I won this book through his giveaway, and I started off with nil expectations as I don’t know much about the novel or the author. Except that, I am connected through social networks.

The novella falls under ‘Romance’ and ‘Lit-Lad’ genre. A fiction that takes you through school and college days kindling memories. A college-goer will relate and love this book.

The story revolves around Vishal, his friends, his love interest, and family. The author walks you through a few years of the protagonist life.

First Impression: A catchy title and a beautiful cover, a novel that would grab your attention.

Overall Impression: A decent trial, and a warm read. It is light and sweet that you can read through over a cup of coffee. It goes easy on the reader, no room to fiddle around or no flabbergasting moments. I also loved the chapter titles; that curves a smile.

What did I love about the book? – Few phrases and dialogues were very cute and sweet to read. Example:

How was I supposed to know the value of cot 45 on the first day in Class 10th? I didn‘t even know the full table of 18.

I was just noticing her lips, occasionally touching each other. I couldn‘t help smiling.

but I guess when you are dying, everybody‘s attitude towards you changes.

Rating: 3/5

Wow Factor: 1) Nice dialogues and phrases that are witty 2) Simple language and vocabulary to read without having to check a dictionary.
3) Pain was well described

Frown Factors: 1) Grammatical errors 2) Lengthy sentences, descriptions, and timelines that were not necessary. Example: He called me at 6:15 AM and he came home by 7:15 AM kinds were not at all required. I will blame the editor for this. 3) The author used caps locks here and there to show the emotion, but I am against this. He should have picked right words to showcase the emotions

My opinion: Good not great, a gentle read that will take one back to their good old days.

To the author: Time to indulge with good books. Read more, it’s time to step from your comfort zone and explore other genres and authors except for CB and DD.

Grab a copy of the novel here –  amazon