Right Fit Wrong Shoes – Book Review

Ratings: 2/5
Received this book on behalf of the book club in exchange for an honest review.
First Impression: A novel published by Rupa Publications, I have always loved their paper and cover quality. The title, cover and blurb caught my attention instantly and I predicted a full-fledged chick-lit story.
Overall Impression: A slice-of-life story, but it didn’t resonate much as it sounded more Bollywood type. For a typical person like me, who doesn’t know Hindi – this book looked like a target oriented one. The characters were a bit clichéd and there were too many characters in the story to keep in mind.
A could-have-been-better kind of a story! Frowned much and hence it took a real long time to complete the book. Lacked pace much and I guess some beta-reading and some ace editing would have done much better!
What did I love about the book?
  • Good language
  • Cover, blurb and the paper quality – without a doubt
  • The chemistry between the characters were good enough
Frown Factors:
A slow read even if the novel is about the right size, it sounded as if its a long book when reading it
Editing should have been better – didn’t expect this from Rupa publications though
Though the story is well narrated and characters were doing good in their parts, it somehow didn’t work with me.
Hindi words throughout slowed down the pace of reading to a great extent, I would request the author to write in English totally to cover the pan India audience as such

The pain of being a writer – Self-torture, affliction and desolation

Been two weeks that I quit my full time job, been two weeks that I turned a full time writer, been two weeks that I received 400 odd likes for that “Left my job” post on Facebook. But, it’s been a while that I took this decision and I wanted to give this a shot. A leap that was unexpected and a step that is supposed to feed my soul.
I am a complete weirdo – I don’t know what I want. It takes me a slip to understand it, be it the unwanted B.E degree or the choice of choosing the only choice I had – IT field that fed my wants, a relationship where I didn’t have an expectation, but ended up being treated wrong which apparently led to a list of expectations that I should have probably had up front. So I am a mess! I don’t know when I thought or started believing that “Writing is my calling” – nevertheless, that’s my solace. The white blank MS word with which I am “me”
I would now miss the smile when my bank account gets credited, I can no longer scroll the online shopping apps and order clothes of my choice, I can no longer go out with friends and spend for myself, I can no longer buy my own books but look for eBooks and Torrents to download, I can no longer get back to the lavishing me again. I can no longer walk with heads held high, calling myself a career oriented woman. I have lost it all, in one decision of mine.
Ever since, slowly the pain has started catching more fire. From the one who decided to quit my job for writing – I turned the one who is not writing at all except for a few micro tales and yes, I chose to freelance. Freelancing for money – spend hours writing on stuffs that are totally unrelated and out of the blue – bingo games, sex toys, drug trends in Philadelphia. I do write, but goddamn, it makes no sense to me.
What will I do? I have to pay for my editor who will clean my pathetic grammatical errors and let my manuscript shine, I would never let my book reviews to have “Pathetic editing” as a frown factor. How will I pay them? I have to pay my cover designer who spent hours illustrating what’s in my mind and how I will I ever pay? And oh, the marketing guys who tweet and Facebook about my book – how on Earth will I pay the big fat money? Oh! But for all this, my book should get published.
How will I turn off my friends who would ask for free books. “I need an autographed copy,” how sweet of a way is it to ask for a free book? Well, am a budding author, I can’t shamelessly ask them for money, they are going to spend time with my books out of the million books available on Amazon.
How will I pay the courier? How will I pay for the PR guys? – Everything about publishing my book is about money except for returns. I laughed out loud when a website that self-publishes book read “Usually the author gets 20 INR for each copy that gets sold, but since we distribute it across, it is better if the author bids lesser for their royalty” Isn’t it funny? I would spend my whole freaking time, writing – deleting – writing again – deleting again – writing. And then shape it better – shape it much better – shape it to the best of my capabilities. And send it to my editor – fight with the editor like crazy and get the best freaking manuscript, but then make 20 INR for every copy sold. Am not Chetan Bhagat to sell  a million copies, I am not sure if any traditional publisher would ever accept to publish my book, am not sure how many know me as an author, maybe! Tomorrow even if I cross my own book at a bookstore and wait for hours, I would still not met anyone who picks my book. Oh my God! Am I a failure? Did I turn down a job that paid half a lakh per month for this?
In want of money – will I ever write only about online frigging games for life? In want of readership – will I stick to publishing books churning my own money? In want of friendship – will I stick penning leave letters and love letters to all my friends. Will I only be a freaking showoff material of my friends who say that they know an author?
Am afraid – what if my posts offend someone? Am afraid – what if someone points a grammatical error in this post, it would affect my reputation. Am a freaking writer – I can’t make mistakes, can I? What if I offend every other person?
Am torturing myself with these questions. This isolates me! I spoke out, I told my friends – “Get married,” they say! Marry a rich fat guy who will feed not just me, but even my publishing dreams? Oh yes! What if he loves me enough to start a publishing company himself? Oh wait, how about dating a publisher itself? Or an editor? Or a cover designer? – Oh, these freaking thoughts! How can I just get married to stay fed. Dad feeds me, yes! What if he falls sick? What if I had to take a stand? What did ‘writing’ do to me? Pain, pathetic pain!
Why did I write this post though? Did I take the wrong decision? Why is ‘writing’ not paying my house rent? Why are authors in movies and books turn bestsellers’ and millionaires? Wont I ever make it big? Will my next generation know me as an author! Oh my family tree, if you ever feel that you have a flair for writing – kill that thought instantly. Don’t be a frigging failure!
Phew! Writing this made me feel better – off to writing about some online bingo games, yo!
Done ranting!
Author-Writing-Blogger – In short: A piece of shit!
–Kavipriya Moorthy

Heart of Bullets – Book Review

Received this book from the author in exchange for an honest book review.
First Impression: Apt title and a good cover that makes the book pick-worthy, and the blurb keeps up the promise as expected.
Overall Impression: Having read Nikhil’s first two books, I see the author taking the right track with this novel as he has explored more about the life of a soldier. I liked the way the story travelled throughout and the insight of the life that a soldier’s life is explored pretty well. It is a deep dive through tough times of loneliness, which makes the read a heart wrenching experience.
However, the love story was not a worthy read as such, and the book is pretty lengthy which makes it a slow read. The pace dropped substantially which made reading the book a tough deal, though small poems peppered all over did help. The story of heart-wrenching emotions turned very Bollywood in the end which was unlikely.
What I love about the book?
  • Poems as usual – a fan of his
  • Details about the army and soldiers
Frown Factors:
  • Editing has gone for a big toss – a good editor would have done wonders to the book.
  • Very lengthy for the plot – a proper editor would have cut down good chunks.
Rating: 2.5/5

The Art of Letting Go! – And Then There Would Be None

This post is for the contest at the Chennai bloggers club for the theme “I struggled, but I overcame” as most of you would have read my PTSD post, I didn’t want to get deep with such cry-baby-cry post again. So, this post is about an art that I mastered of late “Letting GO” oh yeah!
Nevertheless, I was a – yes, you read it right, “WAS” an old-school-type that gets attached, instantly with the other and give a damn about every little thing related to the other person. Of late, when I wanted to make new friends – I joined a group of 12 others who claimed to be foodies that together try different restaurants in Chennai and go Dutch with the bill. As I saw various cultures and different mindsets when I lived abroad where even the question “had lunch?” is considered personal and intervening in their personal space, I pretty much know as a person who belongs to Chennai – one would not just stop being a foodie friend who shares the bill. It stretched to family visits, going out together for movies, celebrating birthdays, celebrating wedding anniversaries, and most of all calling each other “Brother” or “Sister” to strengthen the bond of relationship that exists.
Soon, like in a few months – The group went bonkers and had to totally block each other and move on with life.
This was difficult as I had a best friend, a younger brother that I earned, my love interest, and a best buddy who brings out the best in me type in the group. Trust was broken and whatever, the next step was to heal myself from all four-at-once hit. Unlike family, no-one bothers to maintain your secrets, none would be really interested in your growth, you turn their gossip material when they meet each other without you. To learn all this was a sheer pain! But, yes! The relationship or whatever was not worth keeping, or saving. I had to make a better decision to let go of the pain, to let go of the memories, It was the worst challenge for me. To drop down the baggages and make space for new and great things in life. To keep off and stay at a safe distance from anyone that walks in my way. It proved that this is how you should live your life, manage the pain, the triumphs, and the loses. To shed away the layers on you, to burn away the bags and watch them turn into ashes.
I drew a line, a big fat line that allows none inside. I was afraid to connect emotionally, because I was sure that I would get hurt again. From then on, I was sure that every damn relationship comes with an expiry date and that every place in Chennai would remind me the painful memories. You know when you laugh a day with your loved one(s) – I anticipate a day that I would think of it and cry like a kitty. But I didn’t want to be that coward anymore. I wanted to kick that fear and give a damn about relationships.
I stopped Running Away from Pain – I stood right there! Getting drenched, getting that pain infuse, letting it eat me up and finally, letting it go with a smile. I am now of a type to say NO on face, I know those who are right now in my life would never be in the next 5 years, I can shut them right away if they go overboard or sometimes I choose to play, I am passive aggressive!
Stop loving people – instead love books, fall in love with a sport, an activity, take time to live with yourself more than anything else.
I spend hours with books these days. I go for a walk – do the mild jogging – run early in the morning and I love to drive post workout, I started baking as a hobby and am getting better with every dish.
I have given up on most people who meant much to me. Now I am at peace with the emptiness. I can fall in love and fall out of love with the same zest. Not being vulnerable, not getting hurt! Talking on one’s face about one is much better than backbiting ain’t?
Being content with oneself is more important than being in a gang of people where you never know who likes you or not, who talks what about you to the other, and most of all, not feeling “You” there!
I struggled to fit in, but I overcame that concept raising a toast to myself for staying out of it! I overcame people!

An Autograph for Anjali – Book Review

Author Sundari Venkatraman is well known for her Romance, contemporary fiction. I was thrilled when I read the synopsis of AAFA – it turned out to be a suspense sprayed romance. A just another normal family wakes to a murder in the family. Just when the police pitches in for the investigation, the background of the family reveal and finally, the details of the murder, the murderer and what happens next brings AAFA to far end with a hook for the sequel.
First Impression – Out of all her books, the cover of AAFA is the best. Loved it the very instant and the blurb so intriguing – can one miss this book?
Overall Impression – Am an ardent fan of Mystery and crime thrillers, so it was a bit disappointing to learn that the book falls more on the romance side with a bit touch of suspense in it. For those who have read her previous works will find her magic yet again in this book. It does remind The Madras Affair with the family not doing so well and the sparkling romance.
Anjali – A woman who takes her stand after years together to gain back her originality, to do something of her interest, to unwind the romantic self after years. Captures our hearts for sure!
Arjun – Prince charming is an understatement. A guy who says “Go for it” to her mom when she finds new romance and a relationship worth a try
Jayant Mathur – A mere dead body worth being murdered for reasons that are obvious – Having witnessed a few men alike who thinks a woman’s place is in the kitchen, sure deserves death.
Parth Bhardwaj – An author who gives life to the withering leaf Anjali
What I love about this book? – Loved the language, diction, sparkling romance, spine – chilling conversations when Anjali takes her stand. What would a woman do to hear about the multiple-affairs of her husband? – The way she turns her heart to a stone. When she wants to prove a point for her existence with a work that would give life to her ambition, and makes her feel lived than just survive was extremely well put. The son-mother relationship was good where they even discuss about not-so-discussing types
Frown factors: 1) More of investigation would have added more fuel to the mystery 2) As the number of characters are limited – guessing game takes a back seat where the murderer is identified by the reader yet reads through to know the reason 3) Anjali falls sick with depression after 20 odd years of a marital life that’s not so good – this makes room to ponder why did it take so long? Was she happy in the beginning? Etc.. 4) I would have loved the character Arjun even more if he had been in India and still support his mom rather than being exposed to UK lifestyle, sounds a bit clichéd
Rating: 3/5
I would recommend this book to those who like reading a breezy romance with a bit of mystery, and those who would like to hone their language skills.

Love, Again by Sumeetha and Shrruti

Received this book on behalf of the book club in exchange for an honest review.
First Impression – The blurb of the book was intriguing as it spoke about the decisions one makes in life. A double header book with two stories – one by sumeetha titled “These lines of Mehendi” and another by Shrruti titled “A tulip in the desert” I fell in the love with the titles immediately. Though the cover didn’t impress much, the stories did leap my expectation of just another love story to the one much more about reality and life. I should say that the book did live up to the expectations.
Overall Impression – “These lines of Mehendi” – starts off at a funeral and takes us to the life of Lalitha. The pain of a woman who wants to live her life on her own terms after surviving the trauma. It sure takes a lot to fall in love for the second time with someone who also had a previous hit in life, the pain is brought out beautifully. To get married for the second time where reasons are different than seeking solace with each other, is detailed well. A sure shot story which tears the mask of “Happily ever after”
“A tulip in the desert” – beautiful is an understatement. A common love for Egyptology is something totally new and the author has explored well with more of just love. It has elements of mystery, historical elements, adventure, etc..
Overall a very nice read!
What I loved about the book – 1) Stories beyond just love and happily ever after 2) Core element of the stories 3) Language – lucid and simple
Frown factors – 1) Editing could have been better 2) Diction was a let down, could have been much better 3) Pacing issues – slow at a few areas
Rating – 3/5

A PTSD patient to a writer – my journey

PTSD – Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, the demon that ruled my life for about 2 full years. Back in 2012 when all was well, life was at its best and I just had all that I need and want in one go. A lucrative job, a sound bank balance, NRI life, a beautiful family approved relationship, and what not? A wardrobe filled with branded clothes, perfumes, food as per my choice – a queen sized life. What would you do if all this were offered and taken away in one day? That just happened! Things turned upside down and I was standing with my trolley in the road scrolling my contacts to connect with someone who could help at that moment. Thanks to Dubai – the place where a woman can really walk down the street like a tiger would.
Kavi's iPhone pictures 061
I had no guts to tell my family back in India, but I had to, and I had to connect with my dad when he got to know all that he should (Should Not). “I am sorry dad, I wish I could die,” I said. Crying pathetically, not that I didn’t try to kill myself, I was a coward and I was afraid of pain. “If you kill yourself, I will die the next moment.” Said my dad having my mom and sister next on the Skype call. “Come back to me,” he pleaded and I landed the next morning.
“Don’t care about anything. No-one can take you away from me, you need not work or do anything, I am here to feed you until I die. Just live, please, I want to see you everyday,” My dad said when I plonked on the bed.
The days rolled and I saw myself crumpled in the corner. Legs hugged to my chest, crying, wondering why am I living, wondering why this happened to me, I had no answers. I was afraid to step out of the room that I lived in, and I didn’t have the guts to face anyone. All my social media profiles were deleted. I would see my mom thrice a day, whenever she knocks the door to give my meal. I used to watch F.R.I.E.N.D.S series for the whole day and laugh, I still remember the day when my mom peeped through the small window to see me laughing and cried pathetically. “Am nothing, am good for nothing,” the only phrase that kept running in my mind. If I could do one thing in life, it is to thank the one who thought of the very concept of the series, I am alive today and you’re the reason behind.
People around knew what I had to undergo but refrained on my dad’s order. I walked to him and asked him to consult a psychiatrist for me. After a series of tests and counselling, she declared it is PTSD. “Do something you love, that would help you to come out of this,” she said. I laughed because I was good at nothing. Sitting in the corner of my room, I was wondering what am I capable of? What is best for me? How do I prove those who made me this?
A friend walked by and banged my door, “Come out of that fucking room and face the world,” she yelled. I was afraid. I didn’t say “NO” when I had to and kept compromising a lot to sustain a relationship that I thought would work. Life proved me wrong and that pushed me enough to hate “love” ha! The irony! ”Can you please think of what you were good at? What best you did in college? What you were known well for?” she asked from the other side of the door and I kept chanting “Nothing, I did nothing, am good for nothing,”
In the middle of the night, I hope it probably was because I had no track of the day or month or year or time or AM or PM. I slept for more than 12 hours a day, the only solace. Bloating was another side effect, I weighed 14kgs more than what I was. “We hate to see you like this,” conveyed those pathetic eyes of my friends who banged the doors and walked in. “I don’t want to see any of you, leave me alone,” I turned cold as one of my guy friends touched me wrong calling it an act of calming me down for good.
“I used to help people clear the HR round. I penned the “Tell me about yourself” answer to most of my friends at college final year. I will write the content for ‘just a minute’ programs for friends who lack good communication.” I messaged her at God knows what time it was.
“Start blogging,” she replied the next day.
Slowly I started writing, my personal blog www.preethinakshatra.wordpress.com happened. It was not read, liked or shared with any but my friend. Stop writing all your cry stories, she used to knock my head, but what topic am I good to write? “Come back to Facebook,” she forced and I did, a few friends were there by my side, not to forget any, I will never.
I was introduced to content writing via Facebook. It was a new term, and I was surprised when I heard that they would pay me if I write on the topics they gave. That was a ray of sunshine, and I started writing like crazy. Spending 5 minutes for lunch and dinner, I was busy writing on topics that I never knew. One such offer was to write an eBook on a concept which would be published on Kindle by another, typical ghost writing. I was angry to see my words published by another author for a few thousand bucks. “I want to publish my own book,” I called my friend, “Phew! I was waiting to hear this all these months,” she replied.
I had no clue what publishing is, I didn’t know what it takes to become a writer, I just took a book on my shelf and checked where I should put a comma in dialogues – before the quotation mark or after. That’s what I was when I started writing.
The journey was indeed very, very painful with a lot of pitfalls and loopholes. But, it worked. When I had my final chance of meeting my ex who was that big snake that bit me when I stood at 99 on my Ludo, I had a book on my name. “Am I the villain?” he asked, skimming my book and I said you’re not worth it. The one I thought my life is, the one I planned living my life with, the one I spent my whole lot of time to understand and mend accordingly – right from the curtain colors to the names of kids that we planned, every little thing vanished along with him in a day. That fucked up pain of losing the first love, which would turn you totally upside down trashing your beliefs.
I was still fighting PTSD with pills and a few counselling sessions which I wanted to get rid of. I abruptly stopped them, not sure if I was right.
In want of fresh air, randomly I planned an unplanned trip to Goa with my crazy friend. A kick-ass trip where I flew in the air, midnight rides, the booze street, casino and what not. I was ME after a real long time. I have been missing this, I thought. To break my chains – I cut all those friends who knew my past, wrong but works. I made new friends – online and offline.
Indulged myself in random groups that were crazy, be it the trekking group – blogging group – foodies group – social service group. When life demands to break down, I did talk to one or two among them sharing my past and that really takes a lot for me to do. Hardly 3 of those whom I talk to in these random social groups know me inside and out, for others, I don’t know what they call me, I let go. I cross hear all the opinions and judgements yet I secure the lock. A friend of mine pinged me saying “I will treat you if you sustain our friendship for more than a year,” because I can’t resist anything odd. In the past year, I have cut down more than 10 friends for reasons that might look silly, but, to restrict oneself from shooing away the other person who is not worth it is like controlling to pee. No matter how hard you try, finally you got to let go rather than any other trials of holding your bladder.
Writing turned my solace, I started improving. I was celebrated for being the writer and it was a sheer pleasure to be one. I will never forget those who were there for me when I was desperate to cling on to a shoulder, but mostly, I kept off from people calling me a rebel and stating “Am my soulmate”
Writing is not a lucrative job, it indeed needs investment of the writer. It is purely passion and love to be heard of, to use words to convey what you want which would resonate with someone out there.
Today, I have taken a step ahead to go with writing for maybe until am forced to work for financial crisis or whatever.
I kind of felt PTSD walking in again with my binge eating and my disturbed sleeping pattern. Maybe a blog post pouring my heart and washing away my tears which I hope to be my final call to kick out the trauma of the same room would help.
Writing can do wonders, it is capable of a lot things that you would understand during the process. I have lost hope in everything but writing, It brought out the happy minion that I am now. During my process of developing thick skin – I have dropped many a friends who are still there, watching me grow, feeling proud of what I am, quoting me as an example to others. Am sorry that I did that to you guys, thanks for all that you all were. Irreplaceable! I know it takes a dial to get back to you, I just don’t want the past to come back at me.
I know that am sobbing and writing crap, but hey, I will be back with a good post soon!
Lengthiest and worst rant ever! Good bye PTSD – you can never get me.
Kavipriya Moorthy

Book Marketing Services- Like, Seriously?

This was the recent conversation with someone, questions against answers from the chat below:
  • So are you a writer? – Yes, I have published a novel a few months ago
  • Wow! Great, which country you belong to? – India
  • Indian author? Okay, how is your book doing? – Just paid XXXXX to my book marketing team. Waiting for something good to happen.
  • XXXXX – oh my freaking goddamn loser! – Whatttt, why??
Can you just send me the so called book-marketing-strategy to me? – Yes
Let’s take the so called strategy one by one!
  • Create posters from your novel and swirl it (read flaunt it) over Facebook at various groups where 1 lakh users are there and we tweet it to 1 lakh followers
Facebook groups – are created free of cost and you use twitter free of cost. Have you clicked any of the Facebook group and have witnessed a post by some random literary services company that has post likes, comments, and shares of over a 1000 so far? Even if it is so – are you sane to think it’s true? Do you think with these frigging posters, mankind would go gaga over your book, buy a thousand copies and make you world famous or the next Chetan Bhagat?
How do I create posters? – Dude, even if you don’t know coreldraw and photoshop, MS Paint is freaking easy to use. All that it takes is good content – meaning a catchy phrase or a dialogue to attract not a glamourous image unless it is Kim Kardashian, none would click open. Sit, read your manuscript, pick the catchy phrases and design posters by yourself. Or, get in touch with one of your friends. Am sure every circle will have a good designer friend who will design not for money, but for you and trust me, it would look much better than any of those XXXX amount you paid.
Every post of my book “I don’t wear sunscreen” were created by me, and my brother. I didn’t spend a penny, sample below:
quote 8
  • Book reviews – 30+ Bloggers would review your book on their sites
This is the most freaking part ever. Author pays 500 INR (minimum) to the intermediate who calls themselves as a literary servicing agent. Say, you pay 5000 INR (minimum again) to get 10 paid reviews. All that the “Literary-Service-Agent” does is to post a status that there’s a free book for reviewing which bloggers ask for, and reviews the book for free because the book reviewers are book freaks in the most cases who don’t ask for money or get paid pretty lesser than what the intermediate makes for sure.
Do you get it? You are not paying for the book reviews, you are paying for that one status message. And it costs you XXXX amount.
Most book reviews of my book are from readers, and I personally sent to a few reviewers whom I followed (Stalked) their reviews which are brutally honest and worthy enough. I spent for the courier, and a few were cool enough to take the eBook in exchange for an honest review which worked wonders. Paying for good reviews – I see it is in a worth, but what’s the point in paying those frigging literary service money gobblers?
There are umpteen book writers, readers, reviewers pages and groups on Facebook, but not all those in the groups would be interested in your book. I have witnessed posts by those servicing agents which had 0 likes.
When these intermediate money consumers ping me for book reviews, I ask for money up front. I don’t do this for money, but, hey! Someone else is making money doing NOTHING. An author spends almost a year, and money on publishing a book. A reviewer spends enough time reading and reviewing a book, and all that the intermediate does is to pass on the message, courier the book and make money out of it.
  • Giveaways: – Next big scam
I personally believed that book reviews of those who don’t know you work much better and did a Goodreads giveaway. I had to courier my books to the selected folks, and hosting the giveaway is FREE of cost. Please go through about the free book marketing strategies. Stop paying 5000 INR for a Goodreads giveaway which you can do all by yourself.
  • Author Interview
You pay 500 INR for an Author Interview. Trust me, no-one will click open and read your interview to know whether you like tea or coffee, whether you read Paulo or James Patterson. For the sake of sympathy you might gain a few likes but no-one will read. Stop paying for it, go ahead if it is free because you as an author will definitely have a good base of friends on your list and by sharing that interview on your timeline, you are helping the other blog to gain a few followers.
  • Book Trailers
If you can put a few pictures, make good posters and create a book trailer, please do! Else, you can pay esteemed video makers who are indeed costly, but are worth it. Please do not pay for immature videos churned using an online free link. Professional Book Trailers are different, below is one of my favorites.
  • Events – Book signing or Book reading or Book launch
I am sure these events are costly and would cost you a few bucks. But, with a few posters stating that QWERTY literary services are launching it, you will actually be paying double the cost. If you can inquire a nice mini-hall for a high tea session, invite your friends over and share across social networks, and have an engaging talk. That would do. Don’t pay 2*XXXXX the amount for nothing.
  • Offline book distribution
This is something as an author, you might not have control over. This is a good option, if the distribution takes your book to places. But, keep in mind, how many actually walk into a bookstore – see your cover – read the blurb of the book – buy it? Please be prepared to get all the copies or lesser by 10 utmost back in a year’s time. You would be paying as much as a lakh for this, please be prepared!
  • Author website
Again, this blog of mine is all set to turn a website if I pay 18$ for the domain and spend a few hours on tweaking it properly. The domain name would cost me 1000 INR per year, if the QWERTY literary service does this, they would ask you for about 15000-25000 INR based on the features and stuff. Even if you’re not taking a pre-existing theme, and go for a proper HTML/CSS coding website, it would cost not more than 5000 INR. Ask me, I can refer some ace website developers. Don’t spend 5 times the money on cheap site creators.
  • Newspaper Review
Something out of your control again, give it a try with friends and families if they know any friend working for newspapers and media. If yes, go for it. Else, you can ask a PR agency for the same. The QWERTY literary services would ask half a lakh to post your interview on papers which mostly are used on the roadside Bajji wala shop. 50,000 INR for oil dripping newspaper interview? Depends, if QWERTY gets you to an ace newspaper like the Hindu, New Indian Express, Deccan chronicles then it might be worthy. Not the next street walk, area talk, etc..
I hired a PR agency and took their services which was satisfactory enough, here is my interview. (I know the picture is very bad, I look better in person) I paid lesser than what QWERTY would ask for.
  • Ads
If you directly pay for these Ads, you would be paying less. Ads in the sense, the Facebook ads, ads on Youtube that one can skip in 5 secs, Google ads, etc..
These are the services that I crossed and laugh over, I don’t remember the rest.
A few points to ponder:
  • A parent would probably take better care of the toddler than any babysitter. Work on your book promotions by yourself. If you feel ashamed, take help from friends who care about you. Ask suggestions!
  • Promote reading, promote your writing skills – make people think this person writes well
  • Don’t spend your hard earned money on QWERTY literary services and crib over wasting money
  • Interact with people, Interact with authors, get to understand what they went through and choose wisely
  • Last but not the least – A well-marketed cheap work can be sold only ONCE
  • A very good book with less marketing – will sell better any day just by word of mouth
Promote yourself as a good writer with your posts, stories or poems, one-liners, quotes. Stand tall as a good writer with good story, language, grammar, vocabulary, diction, etc.. Don’t publish your first draft and spend on your marketing but do the vice versa. Only good books win, only good authors make it big and others drown with a book or two.
*QWERTY Literary services is an imaginary term used
*Not to hurt anyone, but to help my fellow Indian authors from falling into a trap and spending money
What’s worth spending for?
  • There are really worthy authors and reviewers groups, where we exchange book reviews, blog tours are hosted with services that are the best in this industry at a much affordable cost.
  • Edit your book – spend on it more than marketing. A well-editing book is worth marketing for. I have thrown a few books that were sent for reviews because I didn’t want to dump myself with bad grammar as mine is equally bad for that sake.
P.S – I am not trying to stop you from paying QWERTY Literary Services, but since I have made good friends online with whom when I personally chat or talk and tell them about these details they exclaim “OMG! Kavi, wish I’d know this before” or “OMG! Why didn’t you tell me all this before?” This is just for you folks out there who are not my friend yet, or probably would never be, but if this post makes you think once before paying a huge sum. I WIN, Good day folks!
Hereby I end my rant!
Kavipriya Moorthy

Finding Lyla – Book Review

Received this book from Book reviews in exchange for an honest review.
First impression – Having read Justice for Abby, I had set my expectation bars higher. The cover was absolutely stunning indeed. And the title was also pretty attracting to know what’s in there to devour. The blurb was intriguing and I started reading the book almost instantly, after Justice for Abby.
Overall Impression – Cate Beauman is near perfect with her style of writing, I was able to connect with her style and it was good to read her books back to back having fallen in love with her writing already. A very interesting book that’s well-knit with equal importance to romance and suspense in one go.
What I loved about the book? – Definitely the story line, it was pretty interesting to read it. Nice diction, language and vocabulary that would help budding writers to learn from. It was a sheer pleasure to read a character which is totally fleshed out. The author gives life to the character that it makes you feel like you know that character for so long. This seldom works for others, but Cate looks like a pro at it.
Frown factors: 1) Lengthier – this makes the book, skim worthy in places 2) Indeed slower than the previous read of mine, a more crispier and racy pace would have been great.
Rating : 4/5