Q for Quotations (Cost Involved in publishing)#AtoZChallenge

I have tabulated the cost involved in publishing! Took me a while to prepare! I hope it is worth the efforts 🙂
Cost involved in each Type of publishing
Factor Traditional Publishing Kindle Publishing Self-Publishing Pothi Publishing Vanity Publishing
Book Cover Anywhere around 5000 INR for a decent cover, few cost 2,500 INR to 3000 INR as well accordingly! Kindle gives you an option to use a simple color template with book title, or you can choose to design one at a lesser price. It should be around 3000 INR as it is just a kindle version Anywhere around 5000 INR for a decent cover, few cost 2,500 INR to 3000 INR as well accordingly! Pothi also has an set of covers designed, you can either choose o spend on it Covers in the package mostly or you can choose to buy a cover outside
Editing a 50,000 word manuscript publishers edit the novel and the author need not pay. However, if the author is not good at grammar, they can choose a round of proof reading before submitting the manuscript to the publishers. In Vanity, there are packages that might cover editing which would cost  the same
Substantial Editing: Approximately 25,000 INR
Copy Editing, Line Editing: 15,000 INR to 20,000 INR
Proof Reading: 10,000 INR to 15,000 INR
Beta Reading Publishers don’t cove beta-reading Beta-reading a novel should cost anywhere from 5p to 50p per word
illustrations, photography and graphics Publishers cover the cost It can cost around 3000 INR or more according to the requirements in the novel. Comes with the package
layout, formatting and ebook conversion Publishers cover the cost Costs 3000 INR – Hint: You can do the same for free at http://www.smashwords.com Publishers cover the cost
Book Printing Publishers cover the cost Not applicable 40 – 60 INR per book of around 200 pages if bulk printed Print on demand. Costs around 120 for 100 pages book Publishers cover the cost
Distribution cost Publishers cover the cost Not applicable Lesser in comparison. At amazon I believe it is zero cost, and flipkart asks a nominal fee 1500 INR for amazon and flipkart Publishers cover the cost
Marketing cost Publishers cover the basic cost – depends on the tier Depends on the type of marketing. A newspaper interview if it is through a PR would cost at least 15,000 INR. Book Reviews, Book tours, Spotlights – might start from 8000 INR to 50,000 INR depending on various choices of marketing
Publishing cost Not Applicable Not Applicable Not Applicable Not Applicable 25,000 INR is the least and cheapest available. It goes up to 1,25,000 INR with other added valuable services

“Am worried that youngsters are deprived of good books,” says Nalini Chettur

I am not fond of the word ‘Ma’ and I don’t get close to any elders or my friend’s mom, so I don’t use that term a lot. Unknowingly, the first word I uttered when I met Nalini Chettur was ‘Ma’ and she scooped my heart in a jiffy. I spent two solid hours with her, talking about the bookstore, the Indian publishing industry, her experience with books, and my experience with publishing, and to the recent issue of a girl wearing a knee length dress but commented by the auto driver at Bangalore.
She is versatile, intense, scintillating, high-spirited, determined and passionate. I can just go on and on!
Why Taj did this?” I frowned. “Because they are TAAAJJJJ,” she said and laughed. “But, yes, they have been kind so far. “They don’t charge me a lot. There was a family that flew down from Singapore just to visit my store and take some books. There are many who mention the book store at the feedback forms at the Taj.”
She knows a lot about books. She is keen not to stock her store with best sellers but to stash exotic and one of a kind books. The minute you start talking, she can analyze you and say what type of books you need.
This bookstore is my oxygen,” she added. “I always suggest books to my people. I know them for years, and I love interacting with young people like you. I believe that my store will live with the kind of individuals who visit,” she smiled.
There are authors she knows; there are authors whom she introduced to Madras. She looks like a Living book encyclopedia. Give her the title or author name or publisher name – you will get the story from her! Such intense person who dedicated her life on books is indeed an inspiration.
I need a list of books, here it is,” I handed over. “Just read once, I store it in my mind!” she said and indeed she does.
Giggles Book Store:
•    Smallest bookshop in Chennai rightly named as the Biggest Little Bookshop
•    Location: Taj Connemara Hotel, next to Spencer Plaza – Near the car parking, as small as just 150 sq feet where books are stashed, and you can see Nalini Chettur sitting in a chair welcoming you with a smile. She is running this store for the past 41 years.
•    Issue: Taj wants to expand or whatever, and wants Nalini Chettur to vacate the place ASAP
What we need:
•    A store in and around Spencer Plaza
•    Rent of 10,000 INR
•    Required in 2 weeks time
Help yourself! Visit her – talk to her and walk home with a heavy bag full of books and face shimmering with a smile!
If you’re not in Chennai, ping me with a book request, I will get you the same with her autograph and courier it to you. You can transfer the amount to my account.
If you’re in Chennai, JUST VISIT HER! No excuses.